UJIA Petra 2 Jerusalem 2019

November 17  -  November 24, 2019

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UJIA Petra 2 Jerusalem 2019

November 17  -  November 24, 2019

The UJIA Bike Ride is now in its 12th year.

Through blood, sweat and tears we have raised over £1 million for projects in Israel and the UK. Join us for the ride of a lifetime cycling from the Red mountains of Petra via the King’s Route to Jerusalem. A five-day challenge like no other riding with dozens of other riders from all over the UK in support of UJIA’s Israel Summer Tour Bursaries. We will start in Eilat and ride along the King’s route in Jordan which is the exact route that Bnei Israel walked from Egypt en route to Israel, cycling past the Dead Sea through the Judean Desert and finishing in Jerusalem for Shabbat. Friday night and Shabbat in Jerusalem will be the icing on the cake. On the way we will pass Mt. Nevo, the place where Moses was left standing before his people walked into Israel. We will also cycle to Massada with a stop over and ceremony at the top. As you can see this truly is a fantastic route and will be the best ride to date. All roads taken are super smooth and perfect for our road bikes.

Depending on numbers and ability, we will be splitting into 2 (or possibly even 3) pelotons (riding groups). The group’s ability will determine the distances and difficulty of the route. Regardless of this, there will be transportation available at any time for those who need it.

Israel Summer Tour Bursaries:

UJIA believes that Israel is central to Jewish identity. Today, anti-Semitism is veering its ugly head yet again, this time in the disguise of anti-Zionism, our children and grandchildren need to be more confident in their identity. They need to be able to stand proud side-by-side with their peers and protect their community and their homeland. The connection to Israel is crucial to the continuity of our community here in the UK. UJIA views Israel Summer Tour (post GCSE) from a strategic communal perspective – it is a high-level programe designed to forge and cement a life-long commitment to Judaism and Israel. UJIA strongly believes that every young person should be able to take part in Israel Summer Tour. This is why each year we provide bursaries for families in need of financial support. This funding is essential. Israel Summer Tour not only enables young people to find their personal connection with Israel and its people, but is also a foundation to continued involvement with the Jewish community and future leadership. The process by which an applicant receives funding is robust, fair and transparent and is constantly reviewed under the aegis of the UJIA Chief Operating Officer and the UJIA Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser, to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

Our Target:

UJIA is being inundated with requests for support. Last year, we made 172 bursaries, totaling £190,013 (£38,000 in Manchester alone), and this year we are targeting £195,000 in support of this growing need in our community.

UJIA P2J 2019


Single Room Supplement- $328

Deposit- $300

Price includes:

Cycling guide for duration of the ride
Support car and driver
Support bus and driver
Maps and handouts
Snack breaks and cold water
Transfer from Ramon airport to Eilat
Transfer from Eilat to Border

Above rates exclude:

Personal items
Anything that is not mention above.
Rental Hybrid bike – 162 USD per person
Rental Road bike – 202 USD per person
Rental Road carbon bike – 405 USD per person